The Fashionpreneur Course (6 months)

Your ultimate resource for building a fashion empire through entrepreneurship.

This course is a combination of 7 modules in a single curriculum designed to equip you with the requisite skills, technical knowhow and entrepreneurial knowledge necessary for starting, scaling, succeeding and sustainability of growth in the fashion industry & its global business ecosystem. It offers a combination of skills needed to continue strong! For those who want to enhance their skills in the business of fashion, learn professional cutting or sewing skills and need to have a good understanding to scale an apparel making business or work in the industry, the Fashionpreneur course gives a great foundation that will curtail a lot of mistakes in building a fashion brand. rough 6 month you will learn to sew and t garments excellently and then dig deep into the science of cutting. We will then teach you the business skills you need. Aer your time with us, you will be attached to a support system that will guide you through your journey.

Learning outcome:


  1. Sketching designs using templates
  2. Machine and Sewing techniques and proper finishing for various garments
  3. Womens full body measurements
  4. Introduction to basic pattern making and free hand cutting
  5. Construction of a 2 blouses (tops) , 2 skirts, 1 dress and a pair of trousers from concept to creation.
  6. How to make customized sloper for their body size or their own standard block.
  7. How to convert blocks and slopers to patterns
  8. Dart manipulation and adaptation of various styles
  9. Various sleeve adaptations
  10. A project consisting of 3 finished outfits.
  11. How to use and manage troubleshooting on an industrial straight sewing machine.
  12. How to properly and professionally assemble a garment.
  13. Understand different types of interfacing and uses
  14. Learn how to affix various collars on a garment
  15. How to insert various types of classic pockets and zippers
  16. Placket openings and more
  17. Understanding Business Terms and Structure
  18. Having a clear view to corporate finance
  19. Operating with Globalisation in mind.
  20. Effective brand creation & communication for high commercial value.
Duration: 6 Months