Sewing and garment construction

This bestseller beginners course is where most students start. It will take you through the very basic elements of design, sewing, machine use, basic pattern manipulation and garment construction for womenswear. From concept to creation, you will be taught how to design, make patterns for your designs, cut and sew up a capsule collection made up of 6 garments. This course offers the best start in the process of anyone’s journey into garment making. The focus is to build strong sewing skills and get a full understanding of the process. While it remains a beginners level program, many students have taken this course and built on it to do great things!

No prior experience is necessary.

Learning outcome:

  1. . Machine and Sewing techniques and professional finishing for various garments
  2. Design and sketch project work using templates.
  3. Womens full body measurements and sizing.
  4. Introduction to pattern making and free hand cutting.
  5. . Construction of a capsule collection which includes 2 blouses (tops), 2 skirts, 1 dress and a pair of trousers
Duration: 3 Months