Professional Sewing Techniques (PST)

This is a sewing course that focuses on intermediate level sewing techniques. Those who can sew but need to enhance their skills to a more professional level. Finishing techniques used in tailoring are the main focus, from full lining used in suiting to cuffs, pockets and various collars, cuffs, openings to types of zip finishing, this sewing course shows you the way to make your garments look clean and high end.

You must have basic sewing skills to take this course.

Learning outcome:

  1. How to use and manage troubleshooting on an industrial straight sewing machine.
  2. How to properly and professionally assemble a garment.
  3. Understand different types of interfacing and uses
  4. Learn how to affix various collars on a garment
  5. How to insert various types of classic pockets and zippers
  6. Placket openings and more
Duration: 2 Weeks