Flat Pattern Making

The pattern making course is designed for those who want to learn professional flat pattern making/cutting.

It is an internationally used method and allows you to understand the science and mathematics of cutting. We call it the architecture of fashion! e creative who looks to explore how it all works and is not afraid of technical drawing and some mathematics will enjoy this process. For those coming from a freehand background, this course proves to answer a lot of questions you have had for years! It also teaches you how standard sizes are created


Basic sewing skills are required. Math skills and an eye for detail plus a keen interest in this method of cutting is important.

Learning outcome:

  1. . How to use and make your own standard block for target market and customized slopers for bespoke garment making
  2. How to convert blocks to patterns
  3. Dart manipulation and adaptation of various styles
  4. Various sleeve adaptations
  5. A project consisting of 4 finished outfits.
Duration: 1.5 Months