Fashionpreneur 1 year

This program comprises of 8 courses offered at TFA. Throughout the year, students will learn all the processes used in various types of garment making. This one year program provides the student with the necessary skills to start up a proper fashion business in aspects such as fashion design and illustration for womens wear, menswear, pattern making ,bridal wear, digital illustration and digital pattern making .It gives a broad spectrum of learning so graduates of this course are:

  • Able to specialize in a number of fields based on their talents and interests.
  • Automatically equipped with the ability to launch a business anywhere in the world and create wealth.
  • Able to pursue a degree in a higher institution abroad with their developed portfolio and letter of recommendation from the academy
  • Able to gain employment in fashion outfits and organizations across the nation and internationally


  • Age 18-30
  • Minimum educational qualication SSCE certicate
  • Prociency in English language
  • Portfolio of any creative work
  • Full time availability and commitment for 1 year
  • Interview


  1. Flat Pattern Making
  2. Professional Sewing Techniques
  3. Fashion Branding
  4. Fashion Business
  5. Fashion Illustration
  6. Draping
  7. Bridalwear
  8. Menswear
  9. Digital Illustration

  10. Digital Illustration

    Course Description: Digital Fashion Illustration course is ideal for Beginners with a little drawing experience as well as experienced students, On this course students will be taught how to illustrate digitally, You will learn the process and techniques used to achieve original work. Students will learn how to use different rendering techniques to create the impression of a design in a more artistic style digitally

    Learning Outcome

    • Rendering clothes digitally
    • Rendering of fabric patterns digitally
    • Drawing of more fliud poses
    • Drawing and creating styles from inspiration and themes
    • Understanding and creation of mood board creation and collections

    Digital Pattern Making

    Course Description: The Digital pattern making course is designed for those who want to learn professional flat pattern making and grading using the Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Pattern Making is an internationally used method that allows you to understand the science and mathematics of cutting with Digital Pattern Making, the process is easier,faster,more professional and globally competitive. The creative who looks to explore the possibilities of Computer Aided Design for Pattern Making Techniques like grading are easier and faster using the software. It is every Pattern Makers dream! A good understanding of the traditional pattern making is required before taking the Digital Pattern Making course

    Learning Outcome

    • How to use and make your own standard block for target market and customized slopers for bespoke garment making using the Pattern making software.
    • Creating patterns from scratch without the use of blocks using the pattern making software
    • Dart manipulation and adaptation of various styles using the Pattern Making Software
    • How to grade designs into various standard sizes using the Pattern Making Software


    Course Description: This course offers a strong Introduction into the world of menswear Pattern and garment making. It is an intermediate course and requires basic sewing skills and a keen eye for detail and perfection in sewing straight lines. Students must know how to use the Industrial straight sewing machine and must have strong sewing skills and have a good understanding of basic mathematics.

    Learning Outcome

    Pattern drafting and sewing of:

    • Shirt with sleeves and collar
    • Trousers
    • Kaftan
    • Waistcoat
    • A project of 3 looks including A shirt, trousers, Kaftan and waistcoat.
  11. A complete 10 look final collection project for a fashion show.
Duration: 1 Year