Fashion Design and Illustration

The Fashion Design and Illustration course is ideal for Beginners as well as experienced students with a keen interest in developing their creative ideas through research, design, and development. On this course students will be taught how to use inspiration and drawing techniques to communicate their design ideas to potential clients. You will learn the process and techniques used to achieve original work. Students will learn how to use different rendering techniques to create the impression of a design in a more artistic style.


This course is ideal for both beginners and experienced creatives with no prior knowledge of design or drawing, and also ideal for those who wish to develop condence in this area. Students however must be able to carry out research, tasks, exercises and assignments given.

Learning outcome:

  1. How to use the colour palette for illustration.
  2. How to explore a range of mixed media and tools.
  3. How to draw the Fashion figure.
  4. Drawing from reference.
  5. How to draw fabrics, drapes, and patterns.
  6. How to draw fabric flow and movement.
  7. Developing and communicating a personal illustration style.
  8. To carry out and compile research to build designs and collections.
  9. Create mood boards for profiling and presentations.

Duration: 1 Month