Fashion Business and Branding

This course focuses on equipping students on the fundamentals and necessary tools of running their fashion business effectively in not just a local setting but also setting foundations that will lead them to become major players in the International world. Noticing how we few Nigerian brands haven’t really gotten global recognition, this course is tailored to address the obstacles faced by present fashion brands and how to overcome them.

Learning outcome:

  1. Understanding Business Terms and Structure
  2. Having a clear view to corporate finance
  3. Operating with Globalisation in mind.
  4. Effective brand creation & communication for high commercial value.
  5. How to market your Fashion Business effectively traditionally & digitally
  6. Product Line, Channel & Distribution Management
  7. How to brand your Business for the global front


  • Fluent in speaking and understanding English
  • Basic knowledge of what the fashion industry entails
This course will last only 2 weeks. You will be asked to prepare presentations and be given daily tasks to execute during the time of the course. Groups will be created for specific case studies that will be given to them. The workload are itemized as follows:
Case Studies

Getting the most of this course will require your:

  • Full attention to what the Instructors are saying
  • Come with notebooks and take notes.
  • Asking a lot of questions for more clarity
  • Participating heartily in class activities and projects.
  • Avoid distractions; this will take only 2 weeks, ensure you get good value for your money by minimising outside communication.
Duration: 3 Weeks