A Taste of Vogue

For those who want a feel of what lies in the technical world of garment making, this course allows you to test the waters of Fashion design and garment construction in a 2 week intensive but fun session! From Monday to Friday for 2 consecutive weeks, on this course you learn to sketch,cut and sew a dress!

You will be introduced to the world of fashion through garment making and understand the process required to achieve well made garments.

Things Needed

All tools and fabrics will be provided! All you need is to attend all sessions and be on time!

Learning outcome:

  1. Sketch using a template
  2. Sew using an electric sewing machine
  3. Make stitches used in basic garment making
  4. Sew a zip
  5. Take measurements for women
  6. Cut out a dress from a pattern
  7. Sew up a dress in a standard size
Duration: 2 weeks